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Use the power of content to ramp up your marketing

Added 05.10.2011
Delivering relevant, informative, up-to-the-minute content to customers is a great way to set your marketing efforts apart from the competition. Don't try to do it all by yourself; build a team of complementary experts to leverage your marketing reach, says Rieva Lesonsky, writer for GrowSmartBiz. - READ FULL STORY

How to "stretch" employees without breaking them

Added 05.09.2011
Many employees say they have taken on extra duties since the recession began, and experts predict that may be a permanent change in the workplace. To keep employees from getting burned out and leaving, employers should offer training and use recognition programs for those who take on extra work, experts say. - READ FULL STORY

Failure to engage and 9 more reasons your ads may not be working

Added 03.25.2011
If your ads aren't producing results, maybe you're just not offering what people want, when they need it, Chuck McKay writes. There could also be problems with your ad content, such as failing to communicate a single, compelling idea. Finally, external factors could trip up your campaign, including the wrong medium, the wrong frequency or the wrong duration. - READ FULL STORY

Need a celebrity endorsement? Try looking close to home

Added 03.21.2011
Sports stars and Hollywood celebrities aren't the only ones who can offer your business a valuable endorsement, Tracy Tjaden writes. Business and community leaders are increasingly sought out by startups looking for advocates to help raise their profile. Darren Dahl of the University of British Columbia calls the trend "a spreading of the notion of opinion leader." - READ FULL STORY

Why are your customers ignoring you?

Added 03.18.2011
Consumers are increasingly numbed to the flood of marketing and advertising campaigns they're bombarded with -- and that means that up to eight out of 10 advertisements go unheeded. To improve their "truly awful" track record, companies should embrace "smart marketing" strategies that use more sophisticated and responsive targeting techniques, argues Tim Suther, Acxiom's chief marketing officer. - READ FULL STORY

Advertising on small sites can produce big results

Added 03.14.2011
Advertising on smaller, less-trafficked websites may offer a better return on your investment than promotions on big sites, research from Contextweb indicates. Ads on sites with a smaller reach had much higher click-through rates than those on larger sites. - READ FULL STORY