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Branding lessons from successful Facebook campaigns

Added: 05.25.2011
Facebook marketers should look to the strategies employed by successful brands such as and vitaminwater to craft their own social strategies. The eight brands highlighted in this article showcase the importance of listening to your customers, sharing plenty of compelling content and using location-based services to tie social campaigns to your brand's real-world outposts. - READ FULL STORY

Cause-Marketing: Worth the risk in the social era

Added: 05.12.2011
Brands should apply a "fans first" social media strategy to take more of a cause-marketing role in events that are reshaping the larger world, according to consultant Dean Crutchfield. The payoff for success in this arena will boost a company's bottom line and connection to its customer base. - READ FULL STORY

Does engagement automatically wane as a brand's fan base grows?

Added: 05.10.2011
Brands are struggling to maintain engagement with their fans as they scale up their social presence. According to a Visibli report, in many cases brand pages with more fans actually receive fewer "likes" per post than those with far fewer fans. One solution might be for brands to optimize content-posting schedules to leverage their user bases more effectively, the report argues. - READ FULL STORY

Loyal fans can still be a source of bad buzz, study shows

Added: 03.26.2011
Twenty-six percent of consumers say they are more likely to talk about bad experiences with a brand than about good experiences, according to a report. About 30% of consumers who considered themselves loyal fans of a brand said they were more likely to share bad experiences than good, the report notes. "Loyalty marketers must accept their responsibility for the impact their programs can have on generating both positive and negative word of mouth," says Colloquy managing partner Kelly Hlavinka. - READ FULL STORY

Social media marketers can't buy their fans love

Added: 03.24.2011
Brands that try to bribe their fans with "like-gating" and retweet-for-a-discount promotions are living on borrowed time, writes Patricio Robles. Campaigns should be more creative, since the loyalty generated by a transactional approach to marketing evaporates as soon as the bribes stop, Robles writes. Charity drives and crowdsourcing efforts also fail to produce engagement, he writes. - READ FULL STORY

5 ways to measure your social media payoff

Added: 03.15.2011
Traffic, eyeballs, retweets and diggs can help measure the return on investment for your social media efforts, according to Steve Strauss, "but if you are not making more money as a result, you are doing something wrong." - READ FULL STORY

Why do we tweet: Does tweeting or social media fit into your business Plan?

Added: 03.12.2011
When you're tempted to spend time on tweeting or other social media activities, ask yourself whether it furthers your business plan, John Jantsch advises, because "[t]he surest way to get drawn into any obsessive or useless behavior is to enter into it or anything around it with no plan." Use social networks to drive traffic to your website, "one thing you can own and control." - READ FULL STORY

Don't double down on social media content

Added: 03.10.2011
Too many brands focus all their energies on a single social media platform, and use other social outlets simply to rebroadcast content that has appeared elsewhere. That's a quick way to annoy and alienate your followers, warns Caroline Chen, who thinks marketers need to develop an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each platform. - READ FULL STORY